Hello Working Mom!

 I am Sandy and welcome to my website for The Working Mom! The Working Mom is a resource for just that, the working mom! Whether an entreprenuer, full time employee, or a part time employee, it can be a struggle to work and raise children. I struggled to be a working mom for so many years. Guilt, stress, compromises, and failure screamed at me internally until one day I realized it didn't have to be that way. What if God had given me the ABILITY to work and raise a family? What if I took on my calling while still being completely honest about how hard it is some days? 

​The shift in my perspective gave me the ability to accomplish more than I ever thought I could as a wife, mother, and an employee. I have been given the ability to teach my children what hard work, goal setting, and goal achievement looks like. I get to teach my family everyday what responsibility looks like. So, I created The Working Mom to encourage, share, give advice, get advice, and be completely honest with all life brings me as a working mom. If you are a working mom join me by listening to my Podcast, and reaching out to me with where you are in life.

Finding your purpose

I believe God has given you a passion for a reason. Explore it, seek it, pray about it, and DO IT! Look up and and see all the potential God has personally given you.